sponsoring information

S.L.U.M._net is a Non-Profit organisation focused on realising  architectural projects, that are community based, enabling capacity building within the community, enhancing new entrepreneurial models, using skills transfer between the parties involved, raising the HIV/Aids awareness, encouraging equality between female and male participants.

As a Non-Profit organisation we depend on donations and sponsorings. I would like to thank all our partners and sponsors (see links) that have comitted so far for their help in making all this possible: TOGETHER WE CAN!

We offer nomination of our sponsors in all our communications, on the websites and special venues can be discussed. As a Non-Profit organisation we have stipulated the necessary accord with Education Africa, an NGO based in Jo’burg, South Africa, that all donations will be exclusively used for the realisation of our projects and serve to buy the necessary building materials and equipment for each project.

The actual realisation is done by volunteer students from Europe and South Africa.


and feel free to ask for any further information necessary, we are happy to respond!

contact details:
dustin a. tusnovics
+43 664 44 535 82
+27 84 96 95 342
siebensterngasse 19
1070 Vienna
donations please to:
CC: 10500237201
IBAN: AT74 1200 0105 0023 7201

In the name of the beneficiaries of our projects, let me thank you in advance!

dustin tusnovics


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