Engagement – Participation – Sustainability – Tour ’09

The concept for the first workshop in Tubatse, based on the coaching idea, envisages, according to the available dates 5 days in Tubatse.

Arrival in Tubatse (coming from Haenertsburg) on Wednesday, 2.12.2009

Leaving Tubatse (for Jo’burg) on Monday, 7.12.2009

This leaves us with 5 days for working:

– the dates in the program are interchangeable until now, and want to indicate the time needed, but I hope in Nandumiso’s skill to define the best days for each step.

– we envisage

– one day for definition of program, meeting of stakeholders, etc

– two day for the ‘mapping workshop’ with all the community. Up to 80 people can/should participate. Day one: assessment of skills, resources, materials, etc; day two: the project outline, with final sketches and a model, and a name!!

– two days for internal assessment, a next steps plan, and visits to local communal institutions, shops, service facilities, etc

– the definition of what happens on what day is as I said open, and I would want to verify which two days will suit best for the mapping workshops, as we need some 80 members of the community to take part, for two days, is it fine to use Friday and Saturday??

– I would then use Sunday for an internal assessment day, nd a braai with all the community??? to celebrate the beginning of the project.

– requirements for the workshop and how this can be developed.

– we need six flip charts if possible, as we will devide the community members in six groups: ladies, gentlemen and then each in three age groups, so that we have six different teams that will work.

– I guess we will be working a total of 6 hours, three in the morning, three in the afternoon, as to really work out all the information necessary and available!

Looking forward to start this thrilling project,


Vienna, 24.10.2009

got to the page !!


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