realised projects

“Lesedi Nhahle Training Créche”
2007-08, together with the Thusanang Center and Education Africa, local donors and European Sponsors, this amazing project was developped.
30 volunteer architecture students built this 420 m2 big structure in seven weeks under the guidance of Dustin Tusnovics and Marlene Wagner in Limpopo Province/South Africa.  A beautiful publication was realised together with the students, Target Sharing Skills.


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“Magagula Heights Skills Center”
2005-06, the project on the premises of Magagula Primary School, 40 km south of Johannesburg. Together with SARCH (NGO from Austria) and Education Africa this project was organized and realized by volunteer students from Europe in 6 weeks.
The skills center is now in use by other volunteer groups building on the premises and by the local community. It hosts a sawing room, a kitchen that serves the entire school (600 learners) and a wood and metal working workshop.
Realized by 27 students from Salzburg University under the guidance of Dustin Tusnovics and Michelle Riedmatten.  


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